Court Hire

Longueville Tennis is not simply the preserve of Club members. We offer convenient accessibility for play on a casual basis to the community, an opportunity for a healthy, active lifestyle and participation in a community facility.

  • Court hire fees are $20.00 per hour
  • Member court hire is free
  • Members must pay for Visitors: $12.00 adult; $6.00 junior

Access to the courts by Members and casual hirers is via an online booking - see our Home page.

  • Courts can be booked up to 7 days in advance.
  • The courts are not available for unapproved hire by coaches.

Online Booking Procedure


The online booking facility has a dual role: (i) It enables members to ensure they have a court before they leave home; (ii) It provides access to the booked court. The booked court is unlocked 5 minutes before the booking and remains unlocked 5 minutes after the end of the booking.

The Booking Confirmation also provides a manual access code, which is used if the automatic system fails, and a Link to cancel an unwanted booking. Please have the courtesy to cancel any unwanted booking so that others may book.

Members can be at the courts and if there is a court vacant, can check the booking register via their smart phone and book online immediately.

The booking register is accessed via the BOOK A COURT box on our Home page. 

When booking a court members must tick the box that indicates they are a member and provide their Membership Number, which is imprinted onto their shoe tag.

The automatic system is expected to be completely reliable. However it would be wise to take the Booking Confirmation to the court in the unlikely event that manual access is needed. 

While court hire is free for members, if a member takes a visitor or visitors to play, they must pay Visitors fees via the online booking page (using Paypal).

All 5 courts can be booked by members. Courts 4 and 5 are noted as Casual Hire on the booking page however members can book these courts as well. 

Courts 1 to 3 are for use by members. These courts are currently allocated to member Social Groups and member competitions, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, at the times indicated on the booking register.  

Non Members - Casual Hire

Only courts 4 and 5 are available to the public to hire. Members may also book these courts.

Non-members book via the BOOK A COURT box on our Home page and follow the prompts.

Payment is made at the time of booking via Paypal.

The booked court will be automatically unlocked 5 minutes before the booking and will remain unloked until 5 minutes after the booking.

A Booking Confirmation will provide a manual access code which will only be needed if the automatic system fails. Please take this email with you to your booked court.

Membership forms are available here.