Membership Fees and Joining Fees


    Adult membership fees:         $220
    Adult joining fee:                    $100
    Junior membership fees:       $85
    Junior joining fees:                 $50

Family Membership of 2 adults and 2 or more children under 18 years: Pay for 2 adults and one child only.   

Members may book any of the five courts (free of court hire fees) and have access to the courtyard and to the members' change rooms, via the front door to the clubhouse.

Membership also offers the opportunity to play Club organised social group tennis and to join competition teams. 

The Club's financial year runs from October 1 to September 30. Applications made part way through the financial year are generally provided a pro-rata per quarter rebate in membership fees. Joining fees are a one-off payment and are not discounted.

Applications can be made online via the green link above. They will be acknowledged electronically and processed by the Membership Secretary.

Please note that visitors fees must be paid for each visitor (non-member) you play with during your booking

1 Visitor = $12.  2 Visitors $24   3 Visitors $36

Junior visitor fee is $6.

Failure to pay visitor fee at time of booking can lead to booking rights being suspended.

If you are not playing with any members you may want to consider booking court on line @$20 per hour.